Casting Call for Drama Micro Short Film

FILM SYNOPSIS: Two construction workers are taking their break from work and are headed to grab a meal, when they catch a beautiful woman walking on the other side of the street. They are amazed by her beauty and they begin to narrate poetically about her. One of the men gets the courage to finally speak to her and he does so in a very disrespectful manner. The woman responds by flicking him off and walking away. She blows past one of her friends who happens to be in the area because she mistook him for another construction worker. He cares for her, so he took the time to speak with her and help her calm down as well as learn to better deal with men.

CASTING CALL FOR  Capture Me Productions: Micro Short film [1 -2min. long]
This is an NON-PAID, NON-UNION project with reel footage, and copy provided. The short film will be posted on Youtube, Vimeo, and Instagram.

SHOOT DATE: March 24th or 25th from 9-11am
Location: Duluth, Ga
Roles: Speaking role

1. Diana, a very nice, kind, and sensitive woman.
Actress, curvy woman, slim build or athletic build, look tall in heels.
Any ethnicity
Height between 5'4 ft and 5'10ft. 
To submit for this short film, please send your headshot and resume to or
Please submit by this Wednesday (March 21) Thanks!

Meliek Gaynor